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How electricity is generated: nPower fuel mix 2013–14

One of the Big Six energy suppliers, nPower’s fuel mix hasn’t changed much since 2012–13, leaving it with around half from gas and a third from coal.


How electricity is generated: nPower fuel mix 2013–14

Bucking the trend seen amongst other energy suppliers, nPower’s fuel mix has changed little since 2013–13. The percentage of coal in the company’s fuel mix has dropped slightly to 31% but gas is almost the same at 50%.

Increase in nuclear energy

While coal and gas still make up the majority of nPower’s fuel mix, the amount of nuclear in its mix has gone from almost nothing to 2%. Taken with the proportion of renewable energy in its mix (up by 1% to 15%), the proportion of low carbon energy generation exceeds 65%.

How electricity is generated: nPower fuel mix 2013–14


Renewable energy

The proportion of renewable energy in the fuel mix had been quite a high proportion but compared with the national average for 2013–14 that is no longer the case. The proportion of renewable energy in the fuel mix is now below the national average.

Powering the future

The number of coal, nuclear and oil fired power plants are declining. As they do nPower has plans to move towards a mix of gas and renewable energy generation. However, the company understands that in order to maintain security of supply cleaner coal fired power plants will be needed along with new nuclear power stations.

The company has plans to develop several new gas fired power plants, but has also been involved in converting the coal-fired Tilbury power station to biomass using 100% sustainable biomass. There were dramatic scenes in 2012 when the flammable wood pellets caused a massive blaze.

With this in mind there may be a change in nPower’s fuel mix for 2014–15 and beyond.

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