Having a new meter installed

If you are moving into new business premises, you may have to sort out your business electricity and business gas from scratch. You might even be building a new office from scratch, in which case the process will be slightly more complicated.

What if it’s a new building?

If you’re moving into a completely new building, you will need to have energy infrastructure set up and smart metres delivered. We can find you the cheapest supplier to get started with and make the process as simple as possible. Call us on 0800 411 8830 and, if possible, have to hand:

  • Your address and postcode
  • Your gas meter point reference (MPR) number
  • Your electricity Meter Point Administration number (MPAN)

Existing Properties

Setting up energy in an existing property is easy. Simply call us on 0800 411 8830 and we can walk you through the process. If possible, have your MPR number to hand. If you don’t have this you can call XOSERVE on 0870 608 1524 to find it out.

Once you have agreed a supplier, your business gas meter should be installed within 5 working days, although it is recommended that you allow at least two weeks before your business begins using energy.

You will also need to know what your maximum gas requirements will be. You may have this information from an engineer, or you may have to work it out yourself by completing an inventory of all the appliances you will have on site, and adding together the maximum energy requirements of each.

Here at Switch My Business, we can walk you through every step of the process, and ensure that you get the cheapest business energy tariffs available to you.