Business Meter Installation

How do I get a new meter for my business?

Our designated meter installation team will help you with organising a new energy meter to be installed for your business. Just simply enter your details here and we’ll give you a call very shortly to guide you through the process smoothly.

How long does it take?

When organising a new meter for your business, you should begin the process at least a month before you need the supply. This allows enough time for each element required for the installation to be organised.

Once a supplier has agreed to provide the property with energy, it can take between 10-15 days for a smart meter to be installed.

How do I read my new meter?

You can read our useful guide on how to read your energy meters here.

Things you need to check

Your MPAN or MPRN Numbers

Your MPAN (for electricity meters) and MPRN (for gas meters) helps suppliers and brokers to identify the meter currently installed in your premises. Providing these numbers also allow them to determine which type of meter is installed, as well as its current consumption level.

The KVA of the Supply

The KVA (Kilo Volt Amperes) is the total amount of electricity you can take from the grid, and this should be adjusted to your business’s needs. You can find your KVA on your new connection agreement documentation. If your KVA is too high for your needs, you may end up spending more than necessary on your business electricity. If you do not have enough supply from the grid to power your business, you will need your KVA increasing.

Gas Pressure

Your gas pressure can be determined by the pipework installer, who will be able to say your business’s service pressure is Low, Medium or High. Most suppliers are Low or Medium, and in some cases they are High but it is typically more expensive to install a meter on a High pressure system.
Unlike KVA of supply for electricity, your business’s gas service pressure does not affect the cost of the gas from your energy supplier.

Is there currently a supply to your property?

If there isn’t currently a supply to your business premises, this may mean you having you pay a reconnection fee.

Where will your meter be installed?

Your new business energy meter may be installed either inside the building, or externally to your premises.

A meter may be installed externally if your gas pipes do not lead inside the building. If this is the case, your supplier will provide a shelter for your new meter.

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