Who’s the best at saving energy? The results are in…


Who’s the best at saving energy? The results are in…

In a recent study, we questioned a variety of different employees across the country – we asked them all about their energy saving habits at work (if they had any!), and what they think would encourage them to try and save more energy at work in the future, as well as a variety of other relevant questions that helped us in our investigation. The results are in – let’s take a look.

Men vs Women – who’s the more energy savvy sex?

As a whole, it looks as though women tend to be more energy efficient in both the workplace and at home. When it comes to preparing the workplace for the end of the day, women are twice as likely to fully turn their computer or laptop off before leaving the office.

No sugar, I’m sweet enough thanks

According to our study, it is the females in the office that are more likely to make a brew for their colleagues, with almost a third brewing up between 6-10 times a day!

Making tea rounds in bulk for your colleagues helps to save energy in the office.

Switch it off..right off

It turns out that when the energy efficient women of the workplace turn their computers off for the night, over a quarter have a tendency to leave them switched on at the wall – this is something that their male counterparts remember to do.

The north south energy divide

Location appears to play a big part in the energy efficiency of its workers. The most energy efficient region in the country according to our study is the South West.

Energy saving techniques such as turning the lights off when leaving work and making tea rounds appear to be the most popular in the South West.

Conversely, the least energy efficient region looks to be the East Midlands as they typically perform less energy saving techniques – check out our energy saving office for some more tips on decreasing your energy usage.

Interestingly, the South West was also the region whose bosses were failing to promote energy awareness in the workplace. This could be due to the fact that their employees are already saving energy!

The region that is promoting energy saving the most is the North East, with the majority of staff members reportedly receiving workplace energy saving training.