Fancy six thousand bacon butties?


Fancy six thousand bacon butties?

If you have had a look around our interactive office then you’ll be familiar with some of ways that we can save energy in the office and beyond! However, are you aware of just how much energy each appliance at work uses, and how much they cost? Prepare to be amazed! (You might want to make sure you’re sitting down for this one!)

The average employee boils the kettle 759 times each year, this costs the company £227 for the year. Let’s take this a step further – a company needs just fourteen members of staff to rack up a yearly kettle bill of more than £3,000! Just give yourself a few seconds to let that sink in. That’s three thousand pounds that literally goes down the drain. Our CEO, Ivan McKeever says:

“Even unplugging the kettle, or switching it off at the plug, can save a few pennies – and those pennies add up to pounds at the end of the year.”

Let’s think about how much three thousand pounds really is…

• 8 work nights out!
• 10 team breakfasts!
• 7 new computers for the office!
• You could even get some swanky new gear for your breakout area!

Think about the effect that a pool table, a smart TV or a team-building day out would have on the morale of your team. It has been scientifically proven that a happier team equals a positive and more productive work environment, so not only will you be helping to save the planet and saving money on your energy bills, you could also be profiting from a cheerier team as a whole!

It’s not just the kettle that’s wasting energy – the average cost of a team of fourteen colleagues all leaving their computers on overnight comes to… wait for it… over ten thousand pounds! Yes you did read that right. Imagine what you could do for your employees with that amount of money. In case you need some inspiration, here are just a few things that ten grand could pay for:

• 4,228 cups of coffee!
• 6,906 bacon butties!
• 23 flights to Las Vegas! (Now THAT would be one heck of a Christmas party!)

Now that you have a better idea of the money that you could save (and what you could spend it on!) by incorporating some energy saving tactics into the office… isn’t it time you started saving energy?