Let’s get employees on board with saving energy in the workplace!


Let’s get employees on board with saving energy in the workplace!

Saving energy in the workplace starts with employees… but how can we ensure that our employees and colleagues are motivated enough to make energy saving changes in the office?

Many employees will be unaware of the financial effects that their energy saving actions will have on your business, so it is important to educate them on not only changing their habits, but also the effects that doing so will have on the business.

Motivating energy saving in the workplace - incentives

46% of employees believe that they should be incentivised if it means that the company saves on energy bills, with most agreeing that employers should give them a bonus at the end of the year if they meet a target amount of money saved. Incentives such as a monthly bonus scheme could be introduced, depending on how much employees have saved. Monthly bonus schemes often motivate employees more than yearly ones as the rewards are seen on a more regular basis – giving employees the incentive to save energy more regularly and keeping motivation and office morale high.

The breakfast club

Nearly a quarter of employees think that a breakfast, lunch or dinner provided by their employer would motivate them to save energy in the workplace. Why not organise a monthly company lunch somewhere swanky with some of the money you have saved on energy bills? Or you could even provide a breakfast buffet at the end of each month in the office! Ten per cent of employees think that a staff party paid for by the company would be a suitable incentive for them to help the business to save on their energy bills.

Age before energy saving

Younger employees are less likely to save energy. This could be because the older generation have been brought up placing higher importance on energy saving than their younger peers. Growing up with technology in their home, many young people are simply unaware of the huge effect that technology can have on their energy bills, as it is often second nature to them to use it on a daily basis without sparing a thought for energy costs or environmental impact.

So, how can you encourage young people to save energy in the workplace? It might be worth thinking about introducing energy saving training into your on boarding scheme. This way employees of all ages are aware of the importance of energy saving within the company.

Maintaining an energy savvy workplace

Sticking up posters around the office to remind employees to switch off their computers at night, and to only boil the amount of water that they need in the kettle could serve as a simple reminder. Make these posters bright and attractive to really grab your employees’ attention!

Switching energy provider to maximise savings

The tips in this article will go some way to help reduce the money spent on energy in the workplace. Consider spending some time reviewing your current energy supplier to see if there are any tariffs or deals that could reduce the cost even further adding to your employees great energy saving activities. Check out our online energy comparison tool and it’s not just time you’ll be saving!