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Turn off appliances by clicking on them to save energy

Now you’ve had a look at some of the ways that we can save energy in the workplace, why not put them into practice in your office? With a huge increase in energy bills in recent years, it is worth changing some habits to save money and help the environment too! Besides, how long does it really take to switch something off at the wall? Together, we can help reduce energy bills and help save the planet!

Fancy six thousand bacon butties?


If you have had a look around our interactive office then you’ll be familiar with some of ways that we can save energy in the office and beyond! However, are you aware of just how much energy each...

Let’s get employees on board with saving energy in the workplace!


Saving energy in the workplace starts with employees… but how can we ensure that our employees and colleagues are motivated enough to make energy saving changes in the office?

Who’s the best at saving energy? The results are in…


In a recent study, we questioned a variety of different employees across the country – we asked them all about their energy saving habits at work (if they had any!), and what they think would encourage...

But baby… it’s cold outside! (but not in the office…)


We all know the drill, being in a room with ten or more other people can get pretty warm and stuffy at times. It’s tempting to put the air conditioning on high and just hope for the best, ...