What is a PES Distributor Area?

Essentially, PES distributors are responsible for the energy infrastructure of your area: they manage the power stations and maintain cables, pylons and more. Your PES supplier is responsible for the availability of energy in your area. You are likely to have to deal with your PES supplier if you want to add renewable energy sources, such as large scale solar panels and wind turbines, to your site, or if you want to upgrade or downgrade your electricity supply.

What is my PES Distributor area?

Your PES area can have significant implications for your energy costs and availability. Use our table below to find out who your PES supplier is.

Distribution Network Area Area ID

What is an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)?

Independent Distribution Network Operators are in charge of local electricity distribution. IDNOs are regulated by Ofgem via ‘Relative Price Control’. More information can be found here.

Name Licensee MPAS Operator ID Area ID
Envoy Independent Power Networks IPNL 24
ESP Electricity ESP Electricity LENG 25
Energetics Global Utilities Connections (Electric) Ltd GUCL 26
GTC The Electricity Network Company Ltd ETCL 27
EDF IDNO UK Power Networks (IDNO) Ltd EDFI 28
Peel Electricity Networks Ltd Peel Electricity Networks (IDNO) PENL 30